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Four Sail Specializes in the Following Four Areas
Product Development
Four Very Separate, But Very Intertwined Elements of Any Successful Business


We have built and helped build many different businesses from the ground up. Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, let us help you take your business to the next level by developing AND implementing a plan that will allow you to see real ROI. 


Do you have a clearly defined brand? Who are you marketing to? Where does your product or service fit in with all of the other widgets, gadgets, and services that are being offered? What can you offer that sets you apart from the competition. These are the questions that we help you answer as we develop a brand strategy that will place you heads and tails above the competition.


After establishing a solid business plan and strategy, how are you going to get customers to buy your product or service? You have to have a multi-channel marketing plan that incorporates sound, traditional marketing principles into a very modern and fast moving world. We specialize in implementing marketing methods that will have customers lining up for your product or service.

Product Development

Do you have an idea for a product or service that you want to bring to market? Do you have the money to make it happen but you just don't know how? We can help you make your idea a very literal reality by taking you step by step through the product development process to get your idea onto shelves and in your customers' hands. 
Some of Our Work...
The following is just a small sample of businesses that we have helped build. Our involvement with each of these businesses has ranged across all four elements of Strategy, Marketing, Branding, and/or Product Development
Strategy, Marketing, Sales Funnels and Website Design
Branding and Product Development
Here's What Some Pretty Cool People Have to Say About Us...
Justin Nault -
Shannon Roddy - Marketplace Seller Courses


I have had the privilege of working with Tyler and his team at Four Sail for the last few years. He has a remarkable skill set that combines a ninja level of strategic thinking, creativity, and experience. I appreciate his casual yet very focused approach to providing cost-effective solutions for our company. Tyler is also intimately connected to a myriad of brilliant marketing guru's which he generously shares with us. I consider Tyler an indispensable partner in our business and highly recommend his stellar company.

Brian Jarvis


I have spent close to 30 years in the direct marketing industry and have had success at all levels. When it comes to expanding, building and implementing the new world of internet and funnel marketing the only person that I trust in the industry is Tyler Jorgenson and his team at Four Sail. His expertise and commitment to excellence, more importantly, the commitment to excellence in results, makes him the go to person in the industry today! Tyler and his team are exceptional.

Glenn P.
Business Advantage Solutions

True delight to work with!

I had the pleasure of working with Tyler recently. He is a consummate professional with endless roads ahead. He takes a multi-faceted approach in his business endeavors and explores all options in a forward thinking state of mind and real persona. Many individuals have come across my path and Tyler is one that stands out amongst the masses. He is definitely one to watch and follow moving forward.

Stefani Thionnet
Private Label Supplement & Skincare Expert

Innovative Leader

Tyler is a focused and innovative leader. When it seems that something cannot be done, he forges ahead, thinking outside the box for a solution. He is skilled at networking and making connections which lead to the creation of synergistic business relationships.

Mark Bangerter
Head of Customer Education at ClickFunnels

High Integrity

Tyler is an outstanding marketer with an impressive ability to create novel concepts and articulate their value with great clarity. He is a person of high integrity, very intelligent, highly sociable and professional. His drive and energy are infectious. Tyler is one of the first people I call for feedback on a new idea.

Omar Hassen
Dynamic Technology Leader Specializing in Strategy, Product Management, Marketing and Business Development

Thinking outside the box...

One thing that you can be certain of dealing with Tyler is that he will always have a positive, can-do attitude. It is contagious. In dealing with him, I have seen that he is a man of integrity; he always does what he says he will. He thinks outside of the box and his wheels are always thinking of new, creative ways to make things happen.

Stuart Draper
Founder, CEO at Stukent, Inc.
But What About The Team Behind Four Sail?
Tyler Jorgenson, President and CEO
Tyler Jorgenson is a California based entrepreneur, USC MBA graduate, ABC News Radio Show Host, family man (and, just once, a reality show contestant). 

Since the age of 5, and possibly earlier, Tyler has been inventing creative ways to make money. Jorgenson finds great joy in assisting clients and friends reach their goals and achieve greatness.  

As an entrepreneur Tyler has owned a restaurant, CrossFit gyms, a real estate company, a mortgage firm, retail websites and developed dozens of products sold in stores in several Countries. Tyler is well known as one of the top Sales Funnel Strategists and can often be found building in ClickFunnels.

Tyler brings all of this experience to Four Sail with the passionate commitment to helping our clients succeed and thrive. 

Rob Hamilton, Four Sail
Rob Hamilton, Operations Manager
Rob has an extensive background in sales and marketing working in high tech, product development and solutions implementation with leading high tech firms like Mitel Networks, Ciena Corp and Alcatel. Additionally, Rob has a successful track record in the health and wellness space. He has been a part of:
  • Driving sales to over $150 million within a 5 year span for a leading edge health and wellness organization.
  • Delivering sales training and coaching sessions to over 2000 individuals in major North American markets
Rob currently leads the operations at Four Sail where we help physical product companies drive sales through social media management and paid traffic. 
Rob Hamilton, Four Sail
Austin Arguello, Four Sail
Austin Arguello, Director of Social Media
Austin is a branding enthusiast who loves to make people smile through social media. He leads the create social media & influencer division of Four Sail by creating an incredible presence through multiple platforms to increase client branding and organic exposure.

He aims to deliver high-quality content that highlights the brands overall marketing vision for success.

In addition to managing the social media team, leading organic strategy and overseeing content creation Austin also advises the Four Sail team on ways to integrate the social component into all aspects of business strategy.

Austin has managed or worked on some of the largest and most influential accounts on Instagram and Facebook. You can count on Austin to bring enthusiasm and passion to your project.

Web Development Team

As Four Sail continues to grow our web development team is growing too. We started with one full time web developer and sales funnel builder and now have a team of 4-6 depending on the projects at hand. Additionally we have industry leaders on call to step in for complex or specialized projects.

Copywriters & Graphic Team

Every project has unique needs so we turn to the right person for each job. We have several copywriters and graphic designers that we are pleased to have on our team to help make each project we launch look great and convert. 
Teresa Sharp, Project Manager
Since cutting her teeth in marketing and advertising at the legendary Ogilvy and Mather, Teresa has established herself as a results oriented professional. Her numerous degrees hanging on the wall don't distract her from knowing that results matter above certifications. It's a good thing she's great at getting things done and having credentials to spare.

With experience in brand management, market research and most recently in higher education Teresa has a proven track record of optimizing projects and performance. 

Teresa makes sure the rest of the team delivers the results needed. Our goal at Four Sail is to over deliver and Teresa is the Queen of Quality.

Her life goal is to operate a working farm for girls and women on the autism spectrum helping them learn life and social skills. 
Traci A. Bermingham, Project Manger
Traci is a total geek for systems and structures & an unwavering optimist. With her BA in Psychology, Minor in Sociology, MBA and Project Management Certification, she’s a rock star PM with almost 20 years’ experience helping clients such as The Gap, Williams Sonoma, Del Monte Foods, Visa, Milk Bone and Charles Schwab successfully launch thousands of new products and services.

Traci is the official “Cat Herder” on the Four Sail Team. She has a 100% success rate in project delivery. Her specialty is creating & executing efficient, repeatable workflows that deliver consistent results & seamless scalability.

About 7 years ago, she became fascinated with the digital marketing world and quickly joined the online community as a Virtual PM. She became a ClickFunnels Certified Partner and was most recently chosen as a Top 30 Funnel Designer.

She’s a mom of four little boys (yes 4!) and knows how to run a tight ship. Traci brings her desire of exceeding expectations and delighting clients to Four Sail with an unrivaled passion to help you succeed. 
Mark Bangerter, Vice President
Mark Bangerter is a results oriented brand strategist, published Author and marketing guru. 

For years Mark has been an integral part of the Four Sail team helping to launch products and businesses in categories such as nutraceuticals, consumer goods, accessories, fitness and beauty. 

Mark spearheaded a project that went from idea to store shelves in 3 months selling over 40,000 units.

With a Masters degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and years of practical experience Mark brings book smarts and street cred to every project. 

Published Works: Goats in Trees: The Whys and Why-Nots of Successful Branding, Marketing, and More

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